FINE ART by Andrea Phillips

I remember it as if it was yesterday...

As a little girl in my native Brazil,  I had just learned about wands...You know those magical, star strewing devices in the hands of ethereal, angel-like creatures, called fairies...

I had to have one!

No problem, Mom will get me one! Mom was working in the garden and on hearing my amazing request, didn't miss a beat. She promptly plucked a large stalk with a large, droopy, star-shaped leaf at its extremity and handed it to me...There I stood as droopy as my "wand" feeling perfectly misunderstood and cheated by life...

But Mom did not cheat me. She had already worked the magic of giving me life, love, and faith to which she was to add, as life went on, an appreciation for beauty, culture and tradition. Add to that the fact that I inherited from Dad a natural affinity for pencil and brush...I had my wand! 

While still a young girl, life took me from my native land and brought me to America. Eventually, after a long wait, I met the man I had prayed for, who brought me to South Louisiana,  land of Magnolias, Camellias, Cypress Swamps, snow-white Egrets, Blue Herons, scary Alligators and rich tradition. My brush is happy. 

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